Rev Jes Kast

West End Collegiate

Jes Kast is the associate minister at West End Collegiate Church in New York City where she preaches, facilitates various education classes, and leads a weekly soup kitchen for some of the most vulnerable in our society.


Online Work

Jes is active online on social media and as a writer, Tweeter, and documenter of the wonders of both God and New York City. She resides in the provocative space between pop culture and religion.

The Twelve

Jes is one of The Twelve's bloggers who engage the world on a daily basis, looking at life through a Reformed Christian lens.

Think Christian

Jes has written for Think Christian, a collaborative digital magazine that recognizes contemporary culture — from politics to the arts to business to science — as falling beneath God's sovereignty. 

Featured Work

✚ “Room For Me?” Spotlights LGBTQ Christians In The Reformed Church In America

I see God alive as the church continues to widen our embrace for all people, especially for LGBTQ people of God.

✚ Climate Change: We Are Responsible (Acts 11:1-18) via The Huffington Post

✚ Liturgically Enacting Racial Justice: The Belhar Confession

The adoption of the Belhar Confession was one of the deciding factors in my decision to seek ordination in Reformed Church in America.



Women in Power Fellowship Recipient with the 92Y

Recognized as a notable leader working to create a more meaningful society and a better workplace culture and environment for both women and men.

Beatitudes Society Fellow

Jes received the 2016 Beatitudes Scholarship Fellowship of noteworthy progressive leaders.

Former President of Room for All Board

Served on the Room for All board for 6 years, including as President. Under her leadership, she helped the organization add another staff member.